Advertising Feather Flags branding case studies

//Advertising Feather Flags branding case studies

Advertising Feather Flags branding case studies

“Do you want to continue to sell sugar water for the rest of you life, or change the world with me?” This motto is still in my mind. This is Steve Jobs persuaded Pepsi Chief Executive joined the company that year’s Super bridge, many people from this short sentence, see jobs reality distortion power of eloquence.

I first heard this word and not admire, but later when I have a deeper understanding of the brand’s rule, but not by the exclamation: “Steve is so bad! ” Rules of the brand here, is the brand of different levels.
We can turn on each of the Lakes 4 a look at the brand level tools to integrate, into this concise formula F4 brand (be sure not to look down on something so simple, it can be used to resolve all Advertising Feather Flags information, and Steve Jobs ‘ reality distortion is based on the model of).

What kind of application is?

1. Facts (fact): “we offer ……”

Here is from the enterprise point of view, to say that the core features of our products or services, these are without a doubt, the fact that there are different competitive advantages.

This is usually Advertising Feather Flags companies or brands are often Reasons to believe/believe our reasons, such as what is your exclusive technology, do you have any high quality ingredients, and so on.

2. Function (rational value): “can bring to you……”

Angle to be converted, from the angle of enterprise user’s perspective: to the user, our product/service characteristics, into how the unique value for them? To solve practical problems for the people, what are the actual needs?

3. Feeling (emotional value): “can make you feel … …”

In a way needs to be resolved at the same time, it also makes you feel? It is often said that the emotional added value.
Measuring over rational values, which Feel the emotional value is not easy to accurately measure, brand premium difference.
When you pay for something when the irrational price considerations.

So a lot of big names or ads for luxury goods, are necessary for you to create some sort of desire, or feeling, rather than sell you a specific fabric. Such as LV’s Advertising Feather Flags:

4. Faith (brand beliefs): “we all genuinely believe……”

This time, the conversion point once again, from the user’s perspective before, change for the user and the brand have in common faith and belief, is really tied together the users and brands, if the brand can do that, users from consumers to become your fans (real fans), and the user will become your brand Ambassador and spokesperson.

Loyalty is also terrible, their loyalty will be expressed in one word-“/ONLY”: “computer, I only buy MAC! “” Shoes, I only wear Nike! “” Soda, I only drink Coke! ”
Faith (brand beliefs) can go on to emphasize the importance of, because it is in addition to the great value for consumers, is a huge incentive for internal teams, will let team members when working in concrete, an honor and sense of mission, which persist in innovation, to the ultimate power to strive every day for all.

Of course, the brand belief also involve the wider public to company founder and have a more positive impression, like a lot of people don’t understand, MA has such a high profile person, had been so popular now, and Robin so low-key and honest man, but everywhere is black.

Just because Ma wherever, always hold “is not difficult to do business in the world” this F4 amulets, otherwise would have to be black to the winds.
Ma always said belief (Faith), and Li has always said technology (Facts/Function).

In short, each f represents the progressive layers of sense of value, because the value of these different layers, will make consumers pay varied reasons:

Facts (facts) can drive consumer response: I want to buy you, because you are … … Particularly cattle (representing a certain advantages). Someone wants to buy XX d-SLR, because of its own comparable to medium format – 42.4 million pixels for high pixel pay.

Function (rational values) can drive consumer response: I want to buy you, because you helped me … … (Addressing some just need). For example: I bought it with much treasure, because it can help me send a fire–pay for fire needed.

Feeling (emotional value) can drive consumer response: I want to buy you, because you can make me feel like … … (Show some kind of forced, or implement some sort of desire). For example: I bought CK because it can make me feel more sexy – paying for sexy desire.

Faith (brand beliefs) can drive consumer response: I want to buy you, because we believe … … (Share certain beliefs or ideals). For example: I buy Coca Cola, because we believe it is most important! –Pay for the happy faith.

The F4 model, to be written to the person credibility, you need to have insight to write very nice F4, you need 4 very good insight into:

Steve’s tricks

Insight (Insight) resolved it enough to write a book.

Insights into excavations, apart from your life experience and industry experience, more time, you need to approach users and consumers into the market, just sit in clean Office is unable to fabricate a beautiful insight. I have American owners, is the spirit of excellent brand should have Dirty Feet (barefoot to work instead of sitting fantasy).

Facts, need industry insight and self-insight;
Functions, requires a user pain points and experience of insight;
Feeling, you need insight into human nature;
Faith requires insight into the culture and society.
Well, understand the structure of the F4, definition and creation program, finally able to see Steve again play sultry classic dialogue, President of PepsiCo.
Apple and Pepsi are great companies, doing the same things that are meaningful.
Apple’s F4 brand hierarchy:
The F4 brand level Pepsi:
But jobs in that dialogue, equal dialog levels used for deliberately, with his F4 F1 contrast with Pepsi:
And jobs ‘ F1 to Pepsi, simply use a “sugar” instead:
This is Steve’s secret dialogue.
Now, you can still use it?
If you are Pepsi CEO (John Sculley), you could call it that:
“Do you want to continue to sell computers all my life, or changed the younger generation with me the world! ”

Side cases

We use the recent/Metro could see several ads everywhere on the streets, for example:

Vivo X7/X7 Plus ad
F1=1600 soft camera smart camera
F2= face when taking photos is very shiny
F3= makes you feel good da
F4= no
Last advertisement, ingenious is that an organic combination of F2 and F3 are: F2+F3= illuminate your beauty. This sentence not only brought out the feature, also brought out the emotions.

Millet Note2 ad
F1= hyperboloid, technology, art
F2= no
F3= no
F4= no
This is where Advertising Feather Flags this millet is not successful, “technology and art” for consumers, so what? Why not say this more clearly? Spent a lot of money with such a good spokesperson for buying such expensive media, but no effort is needed to develop better Advertising Feather Flags content.

Mentholatum ads
F1= of Antarctic ice microalgae, Tibet Highland barley, desert Sage
F2= triple polar moisturizing power (barely a F2, could also be more clear and strong)
F3= no
F4= no
Obviously was not a good Advertising Feather Flags, what Advertising Feather Flags firms do not know, whether the customer’s budget?

QQ reading advertisement
F1= large original
F2= want to read study
F3= the more I read, the more knowing
F4= no

Word of advice

1. There must be patience and faithful to research the very bottom of the F1, if this step to cope with, then everything is virtual. Although the back of the F3/F4 is the key to creating premium booster, but if F1/F2 is not in front of a solid, sellers will be problematic. From F1 to F4, each one is very important.

Remember that in 2010, we have spent several months in a variety of research and demonstration for Coca-Cola’s only F2 “1 word”, although you need not harsh to this point, but not too casual.

2. Don’t expect Advertising Feather Flags images in the F1~F4 at the same time in a big pile, a screen ads to highlight two of them is very good. The most confident customers, only a message, such as the Nike service.

3. At the time of implementation of integrated marketing solutions, depending on the circumstances, a combination attack. Especially for the new brand, one of the fundamental “carrot and stick” to be valid. Even as Steve jobs and Apple, although they are the most stressed changing the world, but at the same time, they also emphasize “Innovation Experience”!

F4 brand formula is feeling, is inspired by all the light of innovation. Let your brand shine, also was in contact with millions of consumers when branding experience and product experience! Finally, to rely on talk to action!

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