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Where to buy Face Masks (in Stock)?

There is a long debate of whether the public should or should not wear Face Masks for general protection of the pandemic.  Officials advise to keep the limited supply of N95 respirators and surgical masks in stock only to healthcare professionals who needs them the most for the best protection. CDC now has made a significant change on the new guideline, in advising general people should have some kind of Face Coverings to control the spread of the disease

Although not everybody is ready to have a Face Mask for wearing, it seems not to be a volunteer action depending on where you are living.  Los Angeles residents are now required to have some kind of bandana, mask or face covering which covers the mouth and nose if visiting or working in an essential business.  However, it is allowed not to wear any face mask if the area have enough space where people may keep over six feet apart.

Although cloth face covering will not provide as much protection as the medical surgical masks that healthcare workers want.  It is still believe non-medical Face Masks can provide barrier to respiratory droplets that is the main channel of spreading the disease.

Fortunately, if you are not a fans of DIY and do not know how to do the sewing, there are many sources for you to buy Face Masks online.  We have found that you still can purchase Disposable Face Mask in Stock from DrMasks.


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