Double Sided Feather Flags – advertising 2017

///Double Sided Feather Flags – advertising 2017

Double Sided Feather Flags – advertising 2017

Every year by year, all walks of life must be routine summary, Feather Flag advertising successful case review is no exception. We made a summary of Double Sided Feather Flags advertising in 2017 to find the two significant features: 1. The traditional sense of the big, large manufacturing enterprises, no one on the list; 2.2017 in the history of custom banner advertising is the most open year, can be described as “wonderful work and Funny together “.

When the following case is presented to you, please do not question your own eyes and thinking, because almost every case challenges us to the original Double Sided Feather Flag (-20% Free Ship USA! EFQUEL) advertising awareness, this is our familiar marketing? Yes, it really is, but now the development of outdoor banner advertising is too fast, we from the new year, we must re-understanding of banner advertising, or you are really out.

The most scared of the baby Double Sided Feather Flag advertising into the new three board but also “Internet +”, please scan into. USA California Yi Xiang Folk Culture Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Yi Xiang culture), the formal application for landing the new three board. Main products for the Ming, the ancestral series, worship God series of four series of more than 200 kinds of products, mainly sold to Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, the world’s first shares of Ming together. Data show that as a “underground bank”, Yi Xiang cultural income is considerable, and the market is very large, according to local dealers expect, only a Malaysian country, the market size of more than 10 billion yuan. USA California Yi Xiang not only to the new three board, but also to open up the “Internet +” business, sweep code into the … … die, scared to death baby!

Comments: in the increasingly cramped market, can find a piece of their own blue ocean, hide and sneak into the spicy is really too difficult. But the demand is strong, the chain of the funeral industry is able to meet the above conditions, but it sounds a bit difficult to love, but look at the money, this is the problem?

The most no brain pain Custom Feather Flags (eyeBanner) advertising: Spartan Warrior “captured the emperor.” In July 2017, the incident to the Royal Trade, Sanlitun, all-foreign men (high value) wearing a movie “Spartan 300 Warriors” in the exposed clothing to send salad, and shouting “attack the emperor”, detonated Dili passers-by , The scene is quite spectacular. Of course, the result is very serious, the police on the spot KO in the ground, meat hurt.

Comments: Indeed, this Double Sided Feather Flag advertising behavior than the streets by the collective dance, shouting slogans are much higher, very sensational effect. Sure enough, soon, the location is still the Royal Park, there has been an upgraded version of a group of people wearing a thong in the temperature of 5 ℃ on the street asked pedestrian scan to join, eye is not a problem, but looked at the pain. At the same time, too grandstanding Feather Banner advertising easy to ignore the product itself, although outdoor advertising behavior to the street, but the street at the same time to remember to bring your product to take off, or in addition to meat pain, is no brain.

The most broken section of the operation of Double Sided Feather Flag advertising: UNIQLO dressing room storm. Or the emperor, is still Sanlitun, Emperor Sanlitun seems to have become the Double Sided Feather Flag advertising industry Huashan sword land, UNIQLO dressing room overnight fire, as to what, do not ask me, can tell you too many people (Feather Flags facts).

Comments: the same fire, convergence of 2 Sided Feather Flags advertising behavior, people are firmly remember the Uniqlo, big is big, when can not let the behavior itself won the brand’s edge. We in addition to the pursuit of Double Sided Feather Banners advertising out of color, a place, but also need to strengthen the brand itself is the control of advertising behavior, Sun monkey and then jumped tap, can not let him out of the brand’s palm to the job. Of course, or to advise you, so broken section of gymnastics, no bottom line Double Sided Feather Flag advertising behavior, it is best not to touch, because the consequences are very serious.

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