Advertising Feather Flags branding case studies

“Do you want to continue to sell sugar water for the rest of you life, or change the world with me?” This motto is still in my mind. This is Steve Jobs persuaded Pepsi Chief Executive joined the company that year’s Super bridge, many people from this short sentence, see jobs reality distortion power of eloquence.

I first heard this word and not admire, but later when I have a deeper understanding of the brand’s rule, but not by the exclamation: “Steve is so bad! ” Rules of the brand here, is the brand of different levels.
We can turn on each of the Lakes 4 a look at the brand level tools to integrate, into this concise formula F4 brand (be sure not to look down on something so simple, it can be used to resolve all Advertising Feather Flags information, and Steve Jobs ‘ reality distortion is based on the model of). (more…)

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