How to use color on Retractable Banners?

//How to use color on Retractable Banners?

How to use color on Retractable Banners?

The online resources and articles regarding the use of color for display sign graphics like Retractable Banners are huge. Laboratory equipment for color research is so widespread and expensive that it is shocking. Therefore, you can’t expect a colorful story to be told on a few lines in this blog. However, there are some outstanding rules on the management of color on the design of Retractable Banners (visit: that can be briefly explained within the scope of this article.

There are three components to manage and control the color of your Retractable Banners in all graphic software. The first is its HUE, the name of the color, such as blue or green or red (RGB).

The second component of the color is its value, and the value of the color is its brightness or darkness. Pink is a red color with more white inside, or more white light than the color we usually classify as red. Malone is also red, but its value is dark, because there are some black inside.

The third component of color is called its chroma or intensity. Chromaticity, which is a better term, is now commonly used.

To summarize the control of color on a Retractable Banner design, use these three components that can be defined like this:

Hue – The name of the color, such as red, green or blue.

The degree of darkness or the brightness of a color, such as dark blue or light blue.

The darkness or intensity of a color, such as dark blue or bright blue.

The blue 3D description will be a “bright dark blue”, although this is a three-dimensional description, it has nothing to compare with, if, in describing a box, someone would say it is more accurate than a matchbox, less than a suitcase . In the absence of measurement, it is difficult to determine what the size is. The size of retractable banners, would also affect the choice of color composition on it.  So it is better to go to to see what Size of Retractable Banners are available before starting the design.

The same is true for colors. A general three-dimensional description will be difficult to include in more than one hundred colors. However, there is a system that can distinguish and record more than 100,000 different colors by using symbols and numbers. provides a good resource on the use of color for any retractable banner graphic design.

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