What are good stock Feather Flags?

//What are good stock Feather Flags?

What are good stock Feather Flags?

Feather Flags with bright color

Bright sharp background color of stock Feather Flags, are very important to the success of an outdoor advertising program. The effectiveness of different stock Feather Banner colors are constantly being researched and paid more attention by outdoor advertisers. Of course, it is a science in itself, in fact, some people believe that this is a science we just started to understand. Some banner sign colors are warm, others are cold; some swooper flag colors strongly appeal to men, and other colors have a strong appeal to women.

It goes without saying that the color of stock Feather Flags must always be bright and eye catching that could draw attention from a great distance. For example, if a food is advertised, it is clear that the general effect of the entire color scheme must be clean, healthy and appetizing. However, it is found that this simple rule is often violated, it is unusual to see the tempting impression that food advertisements are in heavy, dark colors that lose all the appeal and desire to be eaten. Regardless of the color used, they should match the exact recommendations or impressions that Feather Flags will convey.

What are required for a good Feather Flag graphic composition

FAST1banner explain what Feather Flags are (read more on https://www.one-economy.com/feather-flags/), and provides some good design ideas showing how good Stock Feather Flags should look.

For more details and illustrations on the psychology of colors on outdoor advertsing Feather Banners, you might read and explore more info online.  e.g. Feather Flags and Sign Design Essentials. The following sentence quoted in this book gives its teaching philosophy and illustrates the importance of composition in outdoor copies.

  1. Feather Flag graphic composition, “refers to the process of a reasonable and compelling relationship between the three main elements of poster images, letters and open spaces.
  2. Composition is the true foundation for making compelling feather banner designs.
  3. For Double Sided Feather Flags (visit website: one-economy.com). These two can be differently known as balance and imbalance, (symmetric and asymmetry, or formal and informal.
  4. Absolutely asymmetrical, the composition of the imbalance is essentially the most compelling feather flag graphic composition.
  5. While formal, balanced work conveys a sense of dignity and rest, the feeling that the swooper flags want to express is a surprise and action.
  6. Formal sale messages are inevitably static; informal essays can make things dynamic.
  7. When a feather flag designer talks about an unbalanced composition, he refers to a work whose balance is not obvious in form. He knows that there must be a verbal, albeit subtly hidden in the part of an apparently informal arrangement.
  8. Sadly, a poorly designed feather banner,  may turn out be a much more effective banner sign. In this case, it might be the result that the artist and the art department have taken too much creative and ideas composed in one single banner flag graphic.
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