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What are the best colors for Feather Banners?

Knowledge of color psychology is especially valuable to designer of Feather Flags, because color is one of the prominent features of this kind of advertising banner sign. Instead of spending time to test by trial and error on the effectiveness of different colors of Feather Banners, there are some rules and guidelines we could find online regarding the color choice.

A lot of studies have been done on single color preference of Feather Flags (read “What is Feather Flag”).  In different parts of the world, three different test records, separated by many years, always have the same result.  They all showed that the order of color preference for Feather Banners are: 1, blue; 2, red; 3, yellow; 4, green. As the child ages, the yellow color decreases and the green color increases. Primary color preferences are: 1. red; 2. blue; 3. green. (more…)

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